The Apple TV app is coming to Xbox consoles on November 10th

Xbox have announced this morning that the Apple TV app will be available on both the new Xbox Series X & Series S consoles as well as current-gen Xbox One units.

The elusive app is only available on small number of devices in favour of the sale of Apple’s own streaming box solution, Apple TV.

Bringing the app to the Xbox platform is encouraging to see. With a growing stable of new productions the TV+ service from Apple is gaining some traction. Thankfully clearer minds have prevailed in understanding that in order to grow your audience you’ll need to push you streaming service onto as many platforms as possible.

Sadly the app still isn’t available via Google’s Play Store for install on Android TV devices, despite being on the Amazon Fire Stick and Sony TVs that use the Android TV OS. Some have attempted efforts to side-load the APK, but largely had mixed results.

In addition to the Apple TV app, Aussie Xbox users will be able to enjoy Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube, Optus Sport, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and ABC iView day one of next-gen’s launch.

For more of what you can expect from the new Xbox Series X/S check out their official walkthrough blog.