The ACCC wants your help to monitor ISP speed claims

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THE ACCC has revealed it is formally investigating broadband retailers’ speed claims — and it wants 16,000 volunteer households to help it work out if consumers are being misled.

[…] many people are unhappy when the speed they get turns out to be far less than what was advertised.

Information collected from the [ACCC]’s broadband army should also determine whether the NBN Co itself is to blame.

The program is set to kick off in the second half of this year and involve 4,000 homes. It’s probably only 4k because there aren’t more than that with the NBN yet… Hey-ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But seriously folks… This isn’t just an NBN thing, backhaul infrastructure is a massive issue, as anyone in a neighbourhood with a high Netflix user base is all too aware.

Source: Have consumers been ‘misled’ by NBN speed claims? | Daily Telegraph