The ACCC shifts its aim towards the Apple & Google app stores

The ACCC is on fire at the moment. After burning both Google & Facebook in their arguments against the Australian Media Bargaining Code, they’ve now set their sights on the app store duopoly of Apple’s App & Google’s Play Stores.

The inquiry largely focuses on data use and the privacy implications or transparency of how consumer’s data is used within the store and by their partners.

In addition to privacy concerns, competition will be analysed along with a deeper look at the type of apps being offered on the stores and what’s available for the Australian public.

We want to know more about the market for mobile apps in Australia, including how transparent and effective the market is, for consumers as well as those operating in the market.

A significant rise in the number of “scam” apps of which Apple and Google take a 30% commission of sales are of particular interest to the ACCC and the responsibility of the companies managing what’s available when financially profiting on their potentially nefarious intentions.

The ACCC is seeking the opinion and insights of both consumers and developers, asking contributors to complete a survey (consumer, developer) before October 2nd, 2020.

The results of the inquiry are expected to be delivered in March of 2021.