The ACCC calls bullsh#t on Kogan’s alleged inflated promotion scheme

The ACCC has begun proceedings against Kogan in the Federal Court on the basis that the online retailer made false or misleading claims about a 10% discount promotion.

You’ll have to cast the old memory back a little here, but back in June fo 2018 the ACCC alleges raised the price of over 600 products by 10% just days before running a 10% off promotion for the end of financial year.

Kogan denies this of course and in response to the allegations have said the consumer watchdog has chosen to ignore “critical facts and matters which are in’s view highly relevant in assessing the overall impression of the promotion by consumers…”

It would be nice if Kogan could highlight exactly what those “facts and matters” are but chose to instead keep them a mystery, I suppose until they front up in court and are required to say them.

It’s not the first time Kogan have been in hot water over the issue, nor is it uncommon practice for other online retailers whom, it appears, the ACCC are choosing to finally do something about.

Source: Kogan under fire from the ACCC for misleading discounts

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