Tesla just bet on fixing South Australia’s energy problems within 100 days or its free

Tesla boss Elon Musk just made a pretty remarkable wager; he’s promised to install new batteries to fix South Australia’s energy issues within 100 days, or the state gets the power system for free.

The Australian Financial Review reported on Thursday that Tesla’s battery division had offered to supply 100 to 300 megawatt hours of power. That’s reportedly enough “to prevent the blackouts South Australia has been experiencing”, according to the AFR.

Despite this coming from the Huffington Puff-Piece and misreporting Musk’s Twitter usage, the article does bring to light a very real & very significant wager that would fix South Australia’s (and I use our own Prime Minister’s words here) “energy crisis“.

Someone needs to pony up the cash of course and I Malcolm & his “clean coal” buddies wont stand for it but hell it would be a significant milestone to shut up the chorus that is our mining controlled government.

Source: Elon Musk Just Personally Promised To Fix South Australia’s Energy Issues

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