Tesla begins the rollout of “Full Self-Driving” mode to small beta group

Announced via an Elon tweet of course

Old mate Elon tweets again. Alongside an investors call Tesla’s CEO announced that the company’s “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) mode would be rolling out to a small group of owners.

The Verge have done a much better job taking a 14 word tweet and turning it into a 500 word article than I, but the TL;DR is Musk’s promised FSD takes Autopilot to the next level.

Musk-man himself has previously described FSD as “enabling the care to drive from someone’s home to their work through intervention”, but its unclear if that’s exactly what’s rolling out.

In a letter to investors Musk highlight changes to the neural network at the core of Autopilot. The changes moving it from two dimensions to four apparently allows for faster processing and quicker updates, but ultimately means nothing to me and most people I’d imagine.


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