Telstra’s Wi-Fi Nation – Big Arse National Wi-Fi Network Announced

Telstra PR:

The strategy aims to offer all Australians, irrespective of whether they are a Telstra customer or not, access to two million Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation within five years. The network, which is scheduled to launch early 2015, will also reach overseas allowing people to connect at more than 12 million international hotspots, as part of an exclusive deal recently concluded with global Wi-Fi provider, Fon.

The full press release also mentions that Telstra is going to build 8000 wi-fi hotspots in public places and that home users will be able to share their connections via wi-fi so others can use it. The sweetener for this deal is that if you share your Internet, you’re able to access other people’s Internet for free. Not a bad offer. It seems to be centered around Fon, who have been doing this overseas for a while.

Telstra also wants to work with councils, businesses and large venue owners to install wi-fi in these areas. It sounds to me like Telstra wants to blanket Australia in wi-fi – and I love it. When more details come to hand, we’ll let you know. As a Telstra fixed line customer, I’m looking forward to being able to leech other people’s wi-fi when I’m out and about, and happy to share mine so others can do the same. You can register your interest on the Telstra WiFi Nation website.