Telstra Releases iPhone 5s and 5c Plans

Plans for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were announced today from Telstra. They’re all contracts with a minimum 24 month commitment, and prices for the iPhone 5C 16GB start at fairly pricey $71 a month for the lowest ‘S’ plan (which gives you 1GB data, $600 worth of Calls/MMS, & infinite texts) and jumps to $78 a month for the iPhone 5s.

I’ve put together a quick graph that shows you the total cost over 24 months for each model & plan. We’ve also bundled in a Telstra Prepaid Cap Encore with an outright iPhone 5s & 5c as a point of comparison, which is the least amount of money for a reasonable amount of data in a prepaid bundle from Telstra (in our opinion). You can also check out the spreadsheet version here [iPhone 5s & 5c Plans] which contains all the plan details.

Expect more of these plan breakdowns here on Reckoner as the info comes to hand.

PlanMonthsiPhoneMonthly ($)DataCalls ($)Total ($)
Telstra S245c 16GB711000MB6001704
Telstra S245c 32GB781000MB6001872
Telstra M245c 16GB821500MB8001968
Telstra M245c 32GB881500MB8002112
Telstra L245c 16GB1002000MB9002400
Telstra L245c 32GB1042000MB9002496
Telstra XL245c 16GB1303000MBInfinite3120
Telstra XL245c 32GB1343000MBInfinite3216
Telstra S245s 16GB781000MB6001872
Telstra S245s 32GB821000MB6001968
Telstra S245s 64GB901000MB6002160
Telstra M245s 16GB881500MB8002112
Telstra M245s 32GB921500MB8002208
Telstra M245s 64GB1011500MB8002424
Telstra L245s 16GB1042000MB9002496
Telstra L245s 32GB1092000MB9002616
Telstra L245s 64GB1152000MB9002760
Telstra XL245s 16GB1343000MBInifinte3216
Telstra XL245s 32GB1393000MBInfinite3336
Telstra XL245s 64GB1453000MBInfinite3480


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