Telstra Launch Shared Data Plans

Telstra are finally making their first steps into having a pool of data you can share between devices, with the launch of their Everyday Connect Data Share Plan. Prices are below:


They’re basically an extension of the existing Every Day Connect Plans, but the catch seems to be that you pay $10 a month for every SIM attached to the plan. So, if you’ve got a phone and a tablet you’ll be paying a total of $80 a month for a meagre 1.1GB of data a month to share, as well as $600 of calls and SMS for your phone.

The one redeeming feature seems to be that if you sign up before the end of the year you get 1GB of bonus data for the first 12 months, taking the total to 2.1GB. But then you’re locked into a 12 -month contract at the minimum, or 2 years if you bundle in a phone.

My advice would be to hotspot tether instead and save your cash. Seems in 2013, the best way to go is to take a long hard look at the prepaid deals on offer. I know I am.