Teenager wins US$250k flying drones

A British teenager has won $250,000 after placing first in the inaugural World Drone Prix in Dubai. 15-year-old Luke Bannister piloted his drone to victory along an outdoor track, using a camera mounted on its front to steer the craft through a series of illuminated hoops from a first-person viewpoint, and beating out competition from 150 other teams in the process.

US$250k?!! It’s official, drone racing is a thing.

The footage, to me, seems a little dull. Combine that with the constant buzzing that sounds even worse than last year’s F1 cars and I didn’t last more than a couple of laps into the footage.

I think I’d prefer to see them all racing at once instead of timed laps. Thoughts?

Source: Teenager wins $250,000 in biggest drone race yet | The Verge

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