Taxify takes on Uber in ride share market

Fast-growing European ride-sharing company Taxify is launching what it says is Australia’s first real Uber rival, kicking off with heavily discounted rides today in a bid to dethrone the controversial US giant.

Taxify […] takes only 15 per cent commission from its drivers, in a market where competitors take between 25 and 30 per cent.

Never heard of them before and the story is from The Australian so make of it what you will. Despite all that it seems like a good deal.

More money in the pocket of drivers and actual competition to the company that everyone hates but continues to use, shoving their morals deep down inside to worry about another day.

Taxify have 4000 drivers signed up for Sydney’s launch this week with hopes to launch in Melbourne before Christmas. Other Aussie capitals to come in 2018.

Will you “taxify”?

Source: Taxify takes on Uber in ride share market