Swimming and the Apple Watch

This report will explore how well the watch works when it’s exposed to water. I’ll also make some recommendations for Apple to improve the usability of its Workout app, especially when tracking water sports.

If you’re a swimmer, it looks like you can definitely use an Apple Watch to track your activity, with a few usability caveats.

While I’m here, Craig Hockenberry’s thoughts on the design of the Workout app are also spot on:

Then you have to remember that pressing “End” really isn’t the end of your workout. I’ve had to explain this behavior to more than one person who’s wondered why the activity isn’t displayed on their green ring.

Now you have two buttons to press: one is good, the other discards some data you worked very hard to get. These buttons are placed next to each other and your motor skills are impaired.

Many times after a ride or run, I’ve forgotten to ‘save’ the workout until the next time I open the app. And if I do remember, it’s annoying because I’m physically exhausted, I’m trying to hit fucking tiny buttons on a tiny screen and if I screw up? All that hard work is gone. Gahhhh

Source: A Watch, Water and Workouts • furbo.org