Swift goes open source

Andrew Cunningham at Ars Technica:

Swift is being released under an Apache 2.0 license, which is incidentally the same license Microsoft used when it open-sourced a big chunk of its .NET framework last year. The project will be hosted on GitHub and will include the compiler, the LLDB debugger, the REPL command-line environment, the standard and core libraries, and code from supporting projects.

GitHub hey? That’s pretty cool. Definitely unlike the Apple of the past.

It’s clear that Apple want Swift to be the marquee programming languages of the future. I definitely think this approach of developing out in the open will help with adoption.

Hit the link for the gory details, including more from Craig Federighi.

Source: Craig Federighi talks open source Swift and what’s coming in version 3.0 | Ars Technica