Surface 2 Behind the Scenes

Tim Stevens at CNET:

To prove that the new Surface 2 is far more lap-friendly, Groene sits me down in a black Eames lounge chair, itself of the most iconic designs of all time. The subtly curvaceous wooden seat is comfortable and steeply reclined. The new Surface on my lap can be more steeply reclined, too, kickstand offering an additional angle that is far more stable than before. However, it’s still not exactly comfortable with the thin kickstand cutting into my legs.

Great inside look at what Microsoft is doing with the Surface division inside the company. I think some of what they’re doing is interesting, but I’m still not compelled to grab one. It strikes me as a tablet that’s trying to become more-laptop like because it can’t stand on its own.

This is where I totally should have written a witty kickstand joke.