Stream Rise of the Tomb Raider & let Twitch chat influence your game

Xbox One owners who stream Rise of the Tomb Raider via the system’s Twitch integration can let their viewers decide how the game progresses in certain ways, making it easier, more difficult or just plain weirder, Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics and Twitch announced today. Viewers watching someone else stream the game can also benefit, receiving in-game gifts by watching select in-game events.

Mind. Blown. This is cool! As a player your world (whilst in Expedition Mode) is affected by Twitch viewers voting on Expedition Card’s. As a viewer you can earn your own in-game currency by watching key moments.

Now if only Australia had decent internet that would allow me to upload a high quality stream…

Source: Rise of the Tomb Raider has some interesting Twitch interactivity on Xbox One | Polygon