Stock Tesla Model S Will Be Priced At $95k In Australia

Luke Hopewell at Giz AU:

A source with knowledge of the pricing spoke to us this morning, and confirmed that the Model S would cost $95,000 in Australia, with pricing set to be officially released next week. Tesla customers who registered their interest in the Model S have already been contacted and given Signature Reservation slots. Advanced negotiations are already underway for these buyers to pick up their cars in the near future.

So the base model will be $95,000, but you can spec it out with various options up to around $200,000. Campbell Simpson has also written a great post detailing the variants of the Tesla Model S that are available.

I should also point back to Mat Peterson’s epic triple-barreled electric car review last month:

The Model S will be available in Australia later this year for a price above $95,000.

I’d take that as a win. Nice work, Mat.