Sticking with ALDI mobile

As you know, ALDIMobile recently cut the data allowance for their “Unlimited Bolt On Pack” from 5gb to 2.5gb a month.

The news was treated as the beginning of the end for ALDIMobile, just this morning Angus Kidman of Lifehacker was advising people to switch from the provider:

We certainly think getting off ALDI Mobile is a wise idea. Given the recent halving of the data allowance and the exit of so many other resellers this year, we’ll be quite surprised if the provider is still around at this time next year.

Well, today marks my first month with the service, and I’ve decided I’ll stick with the Germans.

Aldi’s Mobile App And Recharge Options

Looking at my monthly usage, I’m just under 2.5gb a month anyway — and that was after a week of streaming music non-stop just because I could.

But the data allowance kerfuffle made me examine my usage, and I’ve realised in the first month as an Aldi user, I’ve made a total of twelve phone calls and sent four text messages. I can reduce that too, all twelve calls were work related, so I should be using my work phone for those. The text messages, well they’re just annoying people who haven’t yet discovered iMessages or Hangouts.

So, instead of paying for another “Unlimited $35 bolt on” for unlimited calls and texts I wont use, I’ll just buy a $15 “2gb Bolt On” instead.

Sure, ALDImobile may eventually fold, but until they do, fifteen bucks a month is a damn fine deal.



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