“Stacks on the NBN!” as QLD joins the NT & ACT in bashing the NBN’s pathetic rollout


Joining the ACT government, which last week said the NBN will be outdated before the rollout is complete thanks to the use of FttN technology, and the NT government, which slammed NBN’s “technically inferior” satellite service, the Queensland government used its submission to the NBN joint standing committee to recommend that more premises receive terrestrial connections rather than being put on NBN’s Sky Muster satellite.

Unsurprisingly they’re all Labor held states and territories but they do have a valid point that we’ve all been collectively screaming about for years now.

Expect WA & SA to join the chorus, NSW to bend over and Tasmania to shut up because they all have FTTP. Lucky bastards!

Source: NBN lower-grade services ‘not acceptable’: Queensland government | ZDNet

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