Spotify to launch new lossless-audio tier – “Spotify HiFi”

At their “Stream On” event Spotify have revealed they’ll be launching a new lossless streaming tier called “Spotify HiFi” set to debut later this year.

Currently Spotify’s audio quality tops out at 320kbps with the streaming giant lagging behind smaller players such as Amazon and Tidal who’ve had lossless audio available on their platforms for quite some time now.

Details of the service are sketchy at best with Spotify not committing to pricing and adding that the service will only be available in “select markets”. What does that mean for Australia? I think there’s a better chance than not we’d receive it fairly quickly if not at launch, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

With today’s announcement from Spotify it ironically leaves only Apple (who was once a pioneer of lossless codecs) as the only major music streaming service not to offer a lossless streaming tier.

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