Sony is crowdfunding a wearable A/C unit

Called the Reon Pocket, the smartphone sized air-conditioner has been designed to wear on your body, fitting snuggly into a sewn pocket on the back of a customised t-shirt.

The unit works using the “Peltier effect“, which I’d never heard of, and doesn’t heat or cool like traditional A/C units but instead uses a small electrical current to either emit or absorb heat.

Sony claim the device can cool you by 13C and heat you up 8C, with the unit running for a full 24 hours off of a single charge.

Limited to Japan and Sony’s crowdfunding portal the Reon Pocket is selling for A$169 and slated to ship in March of 2020.

Source: Sony Reon Pocket is a crowdfunded wearable air conditioner and heater – SlashGear

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