Sonos have a new portable WiFi + Bluetooth speaker called ‘Move’

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Get quality sound on the go with Move: the battery-powered smart speaker from Sonos. Durable, long-lasting, and has dual WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities.

The new “Move” speaker is Sonos’ first (and long overdue) foray into the portable market.

The speaker looks like a larger, more chubby version of their Sonos One and has an integrated battery pack and handle for easy portability.

Battery life is said to run a good 10 hours and charging is made easy with a docking station you simply sit the speaker on when indoors.

The Move is weather resistant, but not designed to be in a downpour, and allows music to be played back via AirPlay 2, Sonos’ app or Bluetooth!

It retains voice assistant functionality and can be used with either Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s voice services.

She ain’t cheap though. The new Sonos Move will set you back over double the cost of a Sonos One speaker at A$649. That’s made an even tougher sell now with the announcement of the new Sonos One SL speaker for just US$179.

The Sonos Move is available to pre-order in Australia now with units expected to ship in late September.

Source: Move: A Battery-Powered WiFi + Bluetooth Speaker | Sonos