So long and thanks for all the music; Apple shelves the iPod nano & shuffle

AppleInsider has confirmed that the iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued. Retail stores will be directed to sell through existing stock, and will not see any more shipments of the products.

The iPod shuffle was introduced in January 2005, and last updated in September 2010. The iPod nano launched in September 2005, and got a minor update with new color options in 2015, but hasn’t seen any notable hardware updates since October 2012.

The move leaves only one “iPod” left on the market, the iPod touch. The touch is essentially a cut back iPhone with no cellular antenna.

Don’t expect the touch to last much longer either. Apple removed storage options and lowered pricing on them this week but with the continued advancement of streaming services and cheaper data (well other countries get cheaper data) hard storage devices are become a rare commodity indeed.


Source: Apple kills iPod nano, iPod shuffle lines after nearly 12 years of service