Snapchat Introduces Text Chat, Video Calls

Snapchat blog:

But until today, we felt that Snapchat was missing an important part of conversation: presence. There’s nothing like knowing you have the full attention of your friend while you’re chatting.

We could not be more thrilled to announce Chat.

A double-barrelled update from Snapchat. Firstly, there’s text chat; it self-destructs like the images, but you can save certain things, like addresses or links.

The other is video chat. You can now see if someone is actually looking at your chat window, and optionally launch a quick video chat call.

The UI of Snapchat is as confusing to me as ever (I could find no way this morning to launch a text chat with someone without sending them a picture first), but I could definitely see people who use Snapchat all the time making use of these new features.

Video in Snapchat — I can’t wait for the A Current Affair report into “the app that’s ruining our kids and turning them into video sexting monsters.”