Show us your Ring-Con Nintendo – ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ arrives for Nintendo Switch

Dad with Nintendo Ring-Con

In Ring Fit Adventure, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life fitness exercises.

As expected, Nintendo’s new Ring-Con is a fitness based accessory that’s coming with its own game.

What we didn’t expect was the game would be a sort of Pokemon-esque adventure title instead of a series of mini-games we’ve seen in Wii-Fit before.

The game has you traverse an on-rails landscape using the Ring-Con to jump and the thigh-strapped Joy-con to track movement. Along the way you’ll encounter random colour-coded enemies. Each of the different colours represents a different style of exercise that you’ll be encouraged to use in order to defeat them. Red equates to arm exercises, yellow to core, blue to legs and green yoga based movements.

There are also quick-play modes and other aspects to the title that I’ll allow these two Nintendo androids explain:

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure and Ring-Con accessory will be available October 28th for A$124.95.

Source: Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

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