Shifty Jelly release Pocket Casts 6

Being huge podcast fans ourselves our aim was to build the best possible app to listen to them. Our goals back then were simple: insanely fast refresh speeds, push notifications for new episodes, offline downloads and a streamlined player that let you do things like quickly skip over boring parts. Fast forward 5 years and here we are at version 6. Our basic goals remain the same, we’ve just become more ambitious over time and added more features to our must haves. Cross device syncing. Variable speed playback. Episode filtering. Tablet support. Podcast chapter support. Silence Removal. We also added an Android version, a web version and so much more.

I’ve been a Pocket Casts convert for years now. This new iOS version sees a complete rewrite in Apple’s Swift language as well as redesigned UI, new iPad features and voice volume & silence trim features.

Best of all it’s a free update from the former version! Get on it.

Source: Pocket Casts 6 | Shifty Jelly’s blog of mystery

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