Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone is a whopping A$3k!

Not one to back away from a fight, Samsung have doubled down on their infamously fault-prone Galaxy Fold with a new version announced overnight for the low, low price of A$2,999!

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, looks to iterate on the original version in every way including the addition of 5G, a better hinge mechanism, larger screens, higher refresh rate and a new “Flex” mode which lets you use the phone in a laptop like position with the screens at 90 degrees to one another.

The phone’s front screen is now a larger 6.2″ AMOLED (2260 x 816 @ 386ppi) meanwhile internally you’ll find its flexible 7″ AMOLED (2208×1768 @ 373ppi).

The rear of the phone adorns a similar trio of lenses to that of the recently announced Galaxy Note including a 12MP ultra-wide, 12MP wide-angle & 12MP telephoto.

Whilst folded the phone retains the same chunky appearance as its predecessor and clocks in at 16.8mm high lending itself to a somewhat garish appearance next to a standard smartphone.

At A$3k, you’re going to want to hope Samsung have got all the kinks out this time around as we continue to see the price of smartphones rise astronomically into the realm of the ridiculous.

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is available to pre-order on September 9th with a full release scheduled for September 25th.