Samsung’s CEO admits the Galaxy Fold was rushed to market

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“I pushed [the Galaxy Fold] through before it was ready.” said Samsung CEO, DJ Koh.

No shit.

Despite the Fold being a giant white-elephant Koh goes on to explain in the Independent article that the Fold most definitely has not been shelved and is expected to make a return.

Samsung rushing products to market is nothing new. The ill-fated Note 7, which famously started exploding due to ill-quipped battery tests, one of their largest.

The Fold is by no means exploding but it was a woefully poor product. Most review units broke within days and cheap coating on the phone’s flagship foldable display was often removed because it looked so poor.

Source: Galaxy Fold: Inside Samsung’s struggle to deliver a foldable phone – and why the future of smartphones hinges on it | The Independent