Samsung pumps the brakes on its now infamous Galaxy Fold lemon

Image: CNBC

…we have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold.

In what appears to have been a race to market with the  first foldable smartphone, Samsung have once again produced a product sub-par in quality and functionality.

Short of exploding whilst in use as per their last faux-pas with the Galaxy Note 7 the Galaxy Fold highlights the manufacturers continued issues with production and quality control.

In the case of the Fold reviewers and influencers have effectively worked as the company’s quality assurance teams highlighting the phone’s issues ranging from it’s plastic cover, which many have tried to remove thinking it was a screen protector for shipping, to a non functioning screen after mere hours of use.

Many, if not most, Fold’s have had one or both of their foldable display stop working with Samsung now believing the issue lies in their heavily promoted hinge design.

At this stage Samsung are saying the Fold is only delayed however training for employees in some of the company’s biggest regions has been cancelled whilst they revisit the well in search of a solution.

Samsung aren’t scared to pull a product from market, as we’ve seen with the Note, but whether they’ll do that for a “groundbreaking” new product or think their mobile division can weather yet another battering remains to be seen.

Source: Samsung to Postpone the Launch of the Galaxy Fold – Samsung Global Newsroom