Samsung pivots with the announcement of Bixby 2.0

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The new version of Bixby will “act as the control hub of your device ecosystem,” Samsung says, which includes phones, TVs, refrigerators, speakers, and the myriad other devices now being connected to the internet. Samsung says Bixby 2.0, like Alexa and Google Assistant, will also be open to developers to build and plug in existing apps and services.

Opening Bixby up to developers is a great idea. Part of the reason Amazon’s Alexa service took off so quickly was its immediate openness.

Adding the ability for Bixby to become a smart home hub might entice more people to try it but after such a woeful launch it’s going to take some serious real-world convincing – especially when it’s so easy to just disable it and switch back to Google Assistant.

Source: Samsung announces Bixby 2.0 six months after launching Bixby 1.0 – The Verge