Samsung Pay now supports eftpos for CBA customers

eftpos; Australia’s favourite way of swiping your cash away digitally has announced you can now do so via your Samsung phone and it’s digital wallet “Samsung Pay”, but only if you’re a Commonwealth Bank bro.

But wait, haven’t I been doing this with Google Pay and Apple Pay and all the other “Pay” services out there already taking cash out of my account when I tap my phone.

Well, yeah you have, but not via eftpos. Most of the Android pay services are integrations of MasterCard or Visa’s competing PayWave techs and vendors happily pass on the merchant fees when you use it.

eftpos already have a variety of agreements with the big banks and Apple Pay, but today’s pairing of Samsung and CBA is a first for Android, which until this point only worked with cards issued by eftpos themselves.

For more information visit eftpos’ mobile information page here.