Samsung made US$7.2b in profit last quarter

[Samsung] posted fiscal fourth-quarter earnings today in line with expectations outlined this month, earning 9.2 trillion won (about $7.2 billion) in profit on sales of 53.3 trillion won (about $45.8 billion). That’s a more than 50 percent jump in profit from the same period a year ago. It also makes this quarter Samsung’s most profitable in more than three years, despite the Galaxy Note 7 recall…

Wowsers that’s a lot of coin! Perhaps the Note-battery fiasco won’t have as big an impact after all?

Remember though, last quarter also saw the release of the new Galaxy 7 – Samsung’s flagship phone – and of course Samsung does a hell of a lot more than churn out exploding phones… They make washing machines that explode too!

Source: Samsung bounces back from Note 7 recall with its best quarter in three years – The Verge

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