Samsung have started selling a “new” Galaxy Fold

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Most of the other changes are related to the hinge. It feels a little sturdier than before, and the gaps where the hinge meets the display have been trimmed down.

The announcement that Samsung were ready to sell a new version of their ill-fated Galaxy Fold came out of IFA in Berlin this week, with the company focusing on the US, UK & Korea.

In addition to fixing what was supposedly the most sophisticated piece of tech in the original model, Samsung have also extended the plastic coating that many users tried to remove to underneath it’s new plastic bezel. This way even though it still “looks” like you’re meant to remove something you can’t get to the edges to try it.

Personally, at first look it this still wreaks of hot-garbage to me. Anyone laying down cash for this unseen and unproven has too much to burn.

Source: How Samsung fixed the Galaxy Fold – The Verge