Samsung drops its 2021 TV lineup, but a remote stole the show

Ahead of this year’s virtual CES Samsung have showcased their new Neo QLED and MicroLED TVs, but it was the company’s new remote control that peaked everyone’s interest.

Made from recycled plastic the new remote includes a solar panel to charge its battery. Called the “SolarCell Remote” it aims to further Samsung’s environmental efforts bolstering renewed efforts such as eco packaging and now the reduction of battery waste via its remote control.

On the surface the remote appears like any other with your typical navigation, channel and volume controls, but on its rear is an array of solar cells at the top of the remote, away from your hand’s grip.

Samsung claim the remote has a full seven year lifecycle, which they see as the average lifespan of a modern TV and believe the remote can be used for a full two years without requiring a “full recharge”.

Thankfully, for those of you that have their remote spend the majority of its life buried between the cushions of your couch, far away from sunlight, there’s a USB-C port at the base that allows for quick charging even in the darkest of timelines.

In addition to a new remote Samsung detailed their next evolution of QLED tech, dubbed “Neo QLED“, which will form the basis of their 2021 TV lineup that you can read about in full on their website.

The company also detailed their further investment and commercialisation of their superior (and potentially expandable) MicroLED technology. Smaller than a strand of hair MircoLEDs are inorganic LEDs producing RGB light with a stated 100k hour lifespan at full brightness. 88″, 99″ & 110″ models are going on sale this year but at a reported US$150k+ price for the 110″ model no one I know will be buying one.