Ring’s new security drone is cute, amazing & terrifying

You can bet your bottom dollar I want one flying around my house though

When Amazon bought Ring a couple of years back I was like, “Oh yeah, makes sense, now they’ll have an Echo doorbell I suppose.” What I didn’t expect was for them to come out with their most recent product in the burgeoning home security market, mashing together security and drone tech to create the cutest little security drone your nightmares could conjure, the Ring Always Home Cam.


Announced at Amazon’s Echo event last week, the new Ring Always Home Cam (RAHC) is designed to replace traditional home security camera setups that rely on multiple cameras to cover a user’s home or office. The new RAHC looks to solve the problem but letting the camera itself take flight, buzzing around your home like your personal, futuristic robotic sentry.

The drone wont zap your intruders with a taser or anything (just yet), but it will take flight when it detects movement and follow an unrecognised object or person whilst they collect your worldly possessions.

You can set the RAHC to do an orderly check of your indoor area, patrolling along a predetermined path or have it be entirely autonomous taking flight and moving about like a sort of robotic butterfly when it sees fit. With each patrol the drone returns back to its base station to recharge and sit in wait monitoring and ready to pounce.

Designed for indoor use only Ring believe it’ll also be great for checking things at home when you’re out an about. Things like if you left the stove on or is that window closed all the way before the rain hits.

There’s no release date set for the little-security-camera-that-flies, but Amazon/Ring expect the unit to start at US$249.99 and hit next year. It’s an ambitious leap for the product team at Ring and one that could very easily turn into vapourware.

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