Review roundup: W1 equipped BeatsX wireless headphones


AppleInsider – 4/5:

Overall, BeatsX is a well-made, decent sounding earphone that works in a variety of environments. Add to that an easy pairing process and solid wireless connection thanks to Apple’s W1 chip, and the package becomes even more appealing.

While we would not recommend the earphone for strenuous workouts, it is more than capable as a running companion, especially paired with Apple Watch. In that respect, BeatsX outperforms its Apple-branded AirPods sibling, fitting more ear types with its interchangeable ear tips and wing tips.


Overall, though, the Beats X are the closest thing I’ve ever seen to the perfect exercise headphones. Comfort and fit is exceptional, audio quality is more than good enough, and tiny details like the quick-charge make me more likely to reach for them on a daily basis. If you’re an AirPods sceptic who wants to get in on Apple headphones that do legitimately “just work,” they’re perfect.

CNET – 8.2/10:

The slickly designed BeatsX is an appealing neckband-style wireless headphone that offers a lot of the “magic” of Apple’s AirPods in a more conventional, sports-friendly design.

In conclusion, we like the Beats X very much. They sound great, look good, are comfortable for hours at a time and last a very long time on a single battery charge. If Apple had added that auto-stopping magnetic feature there would be little to fault these earphones. We’re also sincerely hoping Beats manage a noise-cancelling version.


You’re certainly paying for branding here, though the inclusion of the W1 chip is a nice addition for any on iOS. From a pure form-factor perspective, I prefer the Powerbeats, which do a better job staying out of the way and keeping in place when you go for a run.

I’m not running out to get them. I’ve never been a huge fan of Beats’ sound quality and by the looks of early reviews they’re good but obviously not as great as other options out there.

The biggest selling point seems to be the W1 chip, which everyone cites as being convenient and working well to pair the headphones with your iPhone. As great as that will be for the future and adoption of wireless headphones right now Bluetooth pairing works just fine for me and I’ve never had an issue that has left me frustrated enough to lash out and spend decent dollars to solve the issue.

Will you buy a pair?