Restaurants look to make hay on lunchtime lulls with new co-working space initiative

Since it was started two years ago, Spacious has converted 25 upscale restaurants in New York and San Francisco into weekday work spaces.

This is one of those ideas so crazy it just might work!

Membership to Spacious’ network of co-working restaurants is just US$99/month – on a yearly plan, or US$129 month to month. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering dedicated co-working spaces can set you back the same price for a day.

The restaurants offer coffee & other ammenities and despite Spacious wanting you to believe that “Bars become standing desks” & “Booths become conference rooms” are essentially pre-fitted with tables aplenty.

I’m not sure if the idea will spill over to Australia any time soon but it’s an interesting article to read through all the same. Pop it on your “read it later” list now that Instapaper is back at its best!

Source: Sorry, Power-Lunchers. This Restaurant Is a Co-Working Space Now. – The New York Times

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