Report: Australian Data Sovereignty & the Cloud

Cyberspace Law & Policy Centre at UNSW on their new report:

This research and policy report examines the technology of the cloud, insurance risk issues around data sovereignty, approaches to assess and minimise this risk, and comparisons of legal means of accessing data held by Australian companies under local and US jurisdiction (where many cloud services originated).

Access their report here [PDF, 2.4mb]. It’s a lengthy & considered report on how to handle cloud data from an Australian point of view.

Coming from education, there is a ton of FUD flying around about these issues of data security & sovereignty. I think it’s particularly relevant at the moment, given the current revelations about the US & their PRISM data surveillance programs.

I’ve skimmed through it today, but will be taking the time to read it in full. If you’re an IT professional working in Australia, I suggest you do the same.

(Thanks Renai LeMay)

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