Quigley slams Coalition’s NBN

Switching from a full-fibre NBN to the Coalition’s multi-technology network has been “a colossal mistake”, according to NBN Co founding CEO Mike Quigley.

Addressing the University of Melbourne’s Networked Society Institute last night and in his first public comments since leaving NBN Co in 2013, Quigley blasted the Coalition’s NBN policy and argued fibre-to-the-premise “was and is still the right answer”.

In what is probably the biggest “tell us something we didn’t know” to date Mike Quigley has reaffirmed the Australian internet’s populous long thought sentiments.

What a complete waste of time and money from the Coalition. Just another case of government doing what’s best for them and not the people.

Source: Former NBN boss slams Coalition’s ‘colossal mistake’ – Telco/ISP – iTnews