Queensland Likes Uber… No Wait, They Hate Uber

Queensland has followed in NSW’s footsteps by banning start-up taxi service company Uber.

The government issued a cease-and-desist notice last week to the web-based driver hire company, which allows non-taxi drivers to offer a taxi service.

Smash-cut foward to yesterday, with Queensland premier Campbell Newman talking about Uber on ABC radio:

“We are a deregulation-minded government,” he told ABC radio.

“We don’t believe in more red tape and regulation unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

He said he had some concerns about the safety of the service though compared to traditional cabs…

“Yes [Uber] has safeguards in there as well, but I’d prefer to use a ridgy didge cab.”

Firstly: I haven’t heard the phrase ‘ridgy didge cab’ ever, and strewth, it’s hilarious.

Second: So wait, what? The premier is cool with Uber overall, but government is not?

Smash-cut to a few hours later…

Newman had earlier said the government didn’t believe in red tape and regulation unless it was absolutely necessary, but later updated his advice following advice from [QLD Transport Minister Scott] Emerson’s office.

I guess this particular bit of red tape is ‘absolutely necessary’ then. Great.

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