PSVR’s Aim Controller will launch May 16th

At GDC 2017, developers Impulse Gear confirmed that their VR shooter Farpoint has Co-op, and will launch in a bundle with the PS VR Aim Controller on May 16th. An ‘unnerving space adventure set on a hostile alien world’, Farpoint is a free-movement FPS exclusive to PlayStation VR.

Sony’s first real plastic accessory since the launch of the PS4. Move controllers don’t count because they’re so ridiculously old and were made for the PS3.

Farpoint is a beautiful title that I had time with at E3 last year. I’m keen to grab it but then reluctant to purchase a controller that has no other titles that make use of it. The controller is also somewhat limited in that, just like anything in PSVR, you need to always be facing the one tracking camera, This means that spinning to shoot something behind you isn’t an option and forces the game to rely on a more 90’s arcade Time Crisis styled rails experience.

Source: PSVR Aim Controller Launches with ‘Farpoint’ on May 16th, Co-op Confirmed – Road to VR