Proposed ‘NBN tax’ means more expensive internet for everyone

The federal government is proposing to levy a new charge on the telco industry to pay for its $9.8 billion fixed wireless and satellite NBN rollout, admitting the end result will be higher prices for broadband consumers.

Carriers will be required to pay the charge for each broadband service they have provided during at least part of a month on local access lines that are capable of providing normal download speeds of 25 Mbps.

The provisions do not capture mobile broadband services, fixed wireless broadband services, satellite broadband services, exchange based xDSL services or inactive superfast carriage services.

So when the Libs campaigned a “Faster, cheaper, sooner” NBN they really meant more expensive, slower and later.

Not only will you pay for the grossly mis-costed MTM strategy with your taxes and via the loan the government has just given NBN but in the cost of your internet connection as the ISPs pass this charge along to the consumers. Regardless of the fee not being charged to xDSL services don’t think you’ll escape. There are more of you out there on those connections than NBN provided ones and everyone will absorb the cost.

The Liberal MTM NBN failure continues to just snowball out of control.

Source: ‘NBN tax’ will slug consumers with higher broadband prices – Telco/ISP – iTnews