Plex buys streaming news service Watchup

Plex, the company behind the media storage and playback tools, has acquired the personalized streaming news service Watchup, as part of a plan to provide users of the Plex ecosystem more content to watch from their devices.

Watchup, available for iOS, combines together news from more than 150 sources —including CBS, CNN, PBS, Euronews, and Hearst Television —into a personalized newscast. Users are able to select videos to compile their newscast from a variety of international, national, and local sources, with content narrowed down based on selected interests.

Interesting news here as Plex moves into content creation for the first time.

Plex has for a long time included “Channels” that allow you to pull in content from streaming sources but this marks the first time they’ll be producing their own content to be integrated into the eco-system.

Source: Plex acquires Watchup, plans to integrate personalized news service in

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