Philips Hue grows beyond lighting with new Smart Plug device

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Hand touching philips hue smart plug

The Smart plug turns any table or floor lamp — even those in which you can’t place a Hue bulb — into a Hue smart light.

Philips Hue announced a bunch of products but only one of them has an Australian date or price at the moment, and to be frank it’s probably the most interesting anyway.

The new Smart plug (original I know), allows you to turn any old power point into a smart device. This is hardly groundbreaking, Belkin have been doing this with their Wemo devices for years now. The difference here is it’s all wrapped up in Philips’ (or Signify as they want to be called now) ecosystem and makes use of the same hub their lighting system uses.

In addition to the Smart plug Philips Hue also announced a new Smart button. See what they did there? The button is a simple on/off switch that has a magnet and can be stuck anywhere. It looks a lot like the old Flic buttons that were popular for a hot minute. There’s no official word on if these will make it to Aus but I don’t see why not.

For the time being the new Smart plug is available to order and will set you back A$60.

Source: Signify unveils new Hue GO, smart plug and button and much more | Signify Company Website