Pandora to launch its long awaited streaming service in the US tomorrow

For the most part, Pandora Premium is exactly what you would expect it to be: a $10-a-month service with millions of songs that you can listen to at will and save offline whenever you want. There are workout and driving mixes and — of course — a radio feature. But Pandora has worked to separate itself from the rapidly growing pack of streaming services with a slew of personalization features and the least complicated music app to date.

Pandora made simplicity a key focus on Premium, and it shows. When it comes to the design, the influence of Rdio is clear: big album artwork and a minimalistic look featuring clean, white lines combine to form a very intuitive design…

I love that their focus is on making a music streaming app/service actually useable. All of the current ones have their issues (especially Apple’s abomination) and it’s definitely a solid grounds to base their new push on.

That said, US$10/month is a premium for something that at the moment offers no value add or root integration like Google Play Music with free YouTube Red subscription or Apple Music with coming video offerings.

Also, who knows when they plan on expanding down-under and at what price point?!

Source: Pandora Premium: the original music streaming giant is ready for prime time – The Verge

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