ORP1 – Aussie Open Source Router Platform

ORP1 – An Open Router Project from ORP1 on Vimeo.


Why is the ORP1 device important? Unlike routers from other security vendors who have been caught helping government surveillance of their customers, the ORP1 hardware and software is open source to provide a system that you can trust – there’s no government-mandated back door for snooping. ORP1 is a powerful networking platform which is a big step forward from other home networking routers, because its hardware and software is being purpose-built on open source hardware and software for high performance, privacy, and ease of use.

Whilst building a router for nerds and open sourcing it is nothing new (Ubiquiti & MikroTik make some, OpenWRT is good too and there’s plenty of others), open sourcing the hardware is unique. $450 for it is a bit steep, but if open source hardware is important to you, you should back this project.

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