Open-plan offices suck & now there’s a study to prove it!

Open-plan offices have taken off because of a desire to increase interaction and collaboration among workers. But an innovative new study has found that employees in open-plan offices spend 73% less time in face-to-face interactions.

I’ve worked in open-place offices the majority of my working life and never really been a fan of them. Perhaps it’s more of a case by case situation, but for me, working in development teams I’ve not felt they contribute to collaboration more so than remote working or partitioned offices do.

The findings build on previous research [has found] open-plan work environments compromise employees’ ability to focus and concentrate on their work.

This I 100% believe to be true. Open-plan offices are filled with distractions. Again, for me personally, I’ve always been more productive when an office is either empty or my workspace removed.

But hey that’s me. What’s your opinion of open-plan work environments?

Source: A new study should be the final nail for open-plan offices