NZ Getting In Deep With New Telco Laws


Registrants must tell the police their total number of connections, customers and size of their geographic coverage, and ensure that law enforcement agencies have access to customer data and connections when needed. As part of the new law – which requires the country’s main signals intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to play a prime role in network and systems security – providers are now dutybound to notify the state about any design and procurement decisions before implementation, according to government guidance.

If you’re operating any sort of telecommunications company in NZ, you need to inform the government before you buy any new gear, so they can vet it and I assume, make sure they’re able to intercept any data and access customer info at their leisure. The people that check over it? GCSB – part of the Five Eyes surveillance group. Nice. How long until Senator Brandis gets jealous of NZ and this happens in Australia too?

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