Nvidia’s game-streaming service ‘GeForce NOW’ to launch in Australia

In partnership with Perth ISP Pentanet

Remember just yesterday how I was saying that Nvidia’s game streaming service GeForce NOW wasn’t available in Australia? Well guess what was announced first thing this morning? Nvidia is bringing GeForce NOW to Australia in conjunction with Perth ISP Pentanet!

Along with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Australia has been announced as one of the new regions to get the much-lauded streaming service. Unlike Google and Microsoft’s offerings (both unavailable in Australia) GeForce NOW allows users to stream supported games they’ve purchased from a variety of online stores such as Steam.

Clients to play the games are available on almost every device you can imagine including Macs, Chrome, smartphones and of course the Nvidia Shield TV.

Sadly the most important details around price and availability of the service for Australians was missing from the company’s press release, but we can expect details to come very soon I’m told.

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