Nvidia nerf GPUs to stop crypto-miners hoarding cards

And announce a new CMP product line that is aimed directly at them

Nvidia’s latest range of GeForce GPUs are like hen’s teeth. Finding one is harder than getting your hands on a PS5 and then even if you do find one they’re being sold for exorbitant prices.

One of the most popular versions of the cards is destined to be the new entry level GeForce RTX 3060. With its low cost point and current gen performance it’s the perfect GPU to get your hands on for some highly efficient Etherium mining.

Realising that the cards were being hoarded by crypto miners around the world Nvidia have taken the drastic step of nerfing the cards by limiting the hash rate, or cryptocurrency mining efficiency, by around 50 percent.

To not totally piss off crypto miners Nvidia have announced a new range of “Cryptocurrency Mining Processor” or CMP cards that deliver the previous hash rate, but lack the display ports of a regular GPU.

The idea is that miners will instead start purchasing the new CMP cards as they become available later this quarter and gamers can hopefully start getting their hands on GPUs again.

Others, like old-mate Linus, have a very different opinion on why Nvidia have gone this route and are in turn capitalising on the crypto market and doing nothing more than implementing a pretty soft driver-level nerfing with little focus on the gamer at all.

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