Now Elon Musk wants your brain and AI to be friends

Neural lace could help humans keep apace with rapidly accelerating advancements in artificial intelligence, which Musk said will cause humanity to “be left behind by a lot.” With the help of brain implants that are directly linked to computers, humans may be able to improve their brain function, or even one day download their thoughts or upload the thinking of others.

Make up your mind Elon. Are you behind AI or not? Or is it just OK now you’ve invested millions in a company that somehow wants to link us to one that it’s better?

Honestly, I love Tesla and SpaceX and how they’re a driving force in change, but sometimes I think Musk could say he’s behind wearing shit on your sleeve because it makes you smarter and people would nod their heads and invest.

Source: Elon Musk wants to connect computers to your brain so we can keep up with robots – Recode

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